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Why Your Property Needs Our Kudzu Removal Pros!

Kudzu is a highly destructive invasive species, which delights in devouring land, smothering trees, and slashing property values. This insidious creeping vine has long been a problem in the southeastern United States, and now kudzu is doing its best to add Texas and San Antonio to its territory. As a Texas property owner, there’s no reason you have to stand for this! When kudzu appears on your commercial or residential property, it’s important to remember that you have options! Despite kudzu’s incredible rate of growth (over 7 feet a week in favorable climates!) infestations can still be controlled or destroyed. When faced with kudzu, the most important thing to remember is that rapid response matters. The longer kudzu is left unchecked, the more time its root crowns have to establish themselves and burrow into the ground. Additionally, the more time kudzu has to spread, the more likely you are to face permanent tree damage, which can in turn necessitate tree removals.

Our Experts Remove Kudzu Quickly and Completely!

Kudzu removal isn’t a complicated process, but it is one that requires a considerable amount of physical strength and technical skill. This is especially true in San Antonio, where kudzu has developed an affinity for our warm weather and southern climate. As a result, kudzu delights in hiding its root crowns ––the source of its growth––as deeply and stealthily as possible. Locating and removing these crowns is the job of our service experts, who do both these things with speed and skill. After we extract the root crowns, we carefully destroy them before their seeds have a chance to spread. We then expertly remove any remaining vines, using an effective combination of tools, herbicides, and manpower throughout.

After your land has been cleared of kudzu, our experts will be happy to examine the damage to your trees and landscape. If any trees have been too damaged by kudzu to remain standing, we’ll remove them quickly and safely. We’ll also be happy to grind any stumps and remove injured shrubs. Whatever tree services you need to get your landscape back in shape, our experts will be glad to provide!

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If kudzu is encroaching on your commercial or residential property, or if you simply want to know how to protect your land from future infestations, contact our San Antonio office at any time! Our tree service experts will be happy to answer any questions you have about kudzu, kudzu removal, or any of our other Texas tree services. Our experts will also be happy to provide you with a complimentary service estimate at any time! Our service estimates are not only 100% free, they’re also honest and completely transparent. There’s nothing to lose by getting in touch with our San Antonio experts, so why not give us a call today?

Our tree service experts remove kudzu across all San Antonio, including Kirby, Alamo Heights, Wilson County, and Bexar County!


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