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Is Unsightly or Parasitic Tree Moss Ruining Your San Antonio Trees?

Texas trees are blessed with a wonderful environment to grow in, unfortunately many forms of tree moss find our San Antonio climate just as attractive! It isn’t unusual to see trees in San Antonio afflicted with ball moss, Spanish moss, mistletoe, and lichens. With the exception of Spanish moss, whose genteel appearance is prized by commercial and residential property owners, San Antonio residents usually want to get these unsightly mosses removed as quickly as possible. Removal is particularly important when you’re dealing with mistletoe or ball moss, both of which can eventually kill a tree if left unchecked. Unfortunately, once moss takes hold of a tree it can be extremely difficult to eradicate. However, our tree service experts can significantly reduce even the worst infestations and provide regular maintenance to prevent regrowth.

How Our San Antonio, TX Tree Experts Approach De-Mossing

Our San Antonio tree service experts approach every de-mossing differently, adjusting our moss removal approach to suit each tree’s unique infestation. For example, a light ball moss presence doesn’t endanger trees; ball moss is only a danger when it grows large enough to stop branches from getting light. So when we encounter large ball moss infestations, our aim is to reduce volume rather than fully eradicate––as eradication is a process that’s very hard on a tree’s health. To do this, our professionals use a combination of light chemical applications and hands-on extraction. However, when mistletoe is present, our experts take an entirely different approach. We strive to eradicate this parasite completely, using sharp knives and hoes to remove mistletoe and its haustorias by hand. Everything our San Antonio de-mossing experts do is based on making your trees as healthy and beautiful as possible. We’ll never put your trees through unnecessarily harsh treatments, allow infestations to spread, or use improper methods. When you put your de-mossing needs in the hands of our San Antonio experts, you’ll know your trees will get some of the best moss removal services Texas has to offer.

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Our San Antonio tree service experts have been de-mossing Texas trees for years. We know how to identify and treat every form of moss that grows in Texas quickly and efficiently. If you contact our San Antonio office, we’ll be happy to give you a free service estimate and discuss your moss removal needs. We’ll let you know honestly whether your moss can be fully removed in one try, or if it will likely require annual de-mossing treatments. Our professionals will be glad to construct a personalized moss removal plan for you and provide you with a range of cost-conscious treatment options.

We’re San Antonio’s moss removal experts, and we can’t wait to start working for you. Our de-mossing professionals serve all of greater San Antonio, including Kirby, Alamo Heights, Wilson County, and Bexar County.


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