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Are Old Tree Stumps Making Your San Antonio Property Look Bad?

On one hand, it makes sense why so many San Antonio commercial and residential property owners avoid removing stumps. Tree stump removal is backbreaking work no matter how you look at it, especially considering the deep root systems Texas trees often have. So it’s little surprise we see so many stumps littering San Antonio’s yards and landscapes. Unfortunately, however convenient it may be to let sleeping stumps lie, there’s no changing the fact that old stumps are huge eyesores. One decaying stump can single-handedly bring down the appearance of an entire property, the air of neglect and dissolution they give off is that strong. Clients, employees, and property evaluators all sense this feeling of decay and act accordingly. Often, acting accordingly means devaluating your property and taking business elsewhere. Putting yourself and your property at such a disadvantage is simply not worth it, especially when our San Antonio tree service experts are here to help! Our professionals will do all the hard work for you, removing and grinding tree stumps quickly, completely, and at a competitive price.

How Our Texas Tree Experts Turn Old Stumps Into Mulch

No doubt about it, stump grinding is still hard work, but thanks to modern machinery tree removal isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be. When our experts grind your stump, we’ll use a combination of professional tools and good-old-fashioned sweat to create unbeatable results. First, we’ll chainsaw your old stumps down to the ground as close as possible. We’ll then use a stump grinder to remove anything our chainsaws can’t get at, including the roots. We’ll then mulch whatever’s left of your old stump, and will help spread your new nutrient rich mulch around your property. Our San Antonio tree service experts will also happily remove any other trees that might need taking down while we’re there.

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When amateur stump grinders are unleashed on unsuspecting landscapes, the results are usually less than impressive. It’s sadly common for amateurs to leave large holes, debris, and deep roots behind after a ‘stump grinding.’ San Antonio property owners––lured in by amateurs with promises of deep discounts––are the ones left dealing with ruined landscapes. The thing is, there’s absolutely no reason to take on the risk that comes with hiring amateurs when our tree professionals are here! Our stump grinding experts have been serving San Antonio for years, and we have the tools, experience, and knowledge to do the job right. Because our skilled professionals are able to complete jobs so much more quickly than other tree services, we’re able to offer our work at prices anyone can afford. If you’re interested in hearing more about our stump grinding service, or any of our other Texas tree services, contact our San Antonio office today! Our tree service professionals would love to give you a free estimate at any time!

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